Begbies Traynor Group Plc (BEG)

This company specialises in providing services for insolvent businesses, though it does provide a number of other professional services.

It would be great to be able to add begbies traynor. They are in a strong growth pattern (organic and acquisition), improving profitability and likely to gain in the instability of the UK economy.

Anyone else researching this stock?

UK Corporate rescue and recovery services

Can we get BEG added to FreeTrade.

Anyone know the time taken from request to completion and do these requests get delivered at all?

I would like to invest in Begbies Traynor. Please support request.

Welcome to the forum, @Ashi - moved your request into this existing thread.

Given the services this company offers, it would be a great stock to be added. Financials look great on simply Wall Street

17th of March is when it’s going to be available for trading.
I was lucky to get 100 shares through primary bid. Once the lockdown is done and the companies will start recovery of debt, Begbies is going to make big bucks. They proved themselves over the pandemic and it’s going to be even more popular now.
It would be nice if it was available on FT!

It’s already available on FT.

BEG were raising money at a premium price through PrimaryBid and it wasn’t an IPO.

In fact it was cheaper if you bought it yesterday (or any other day this week) directly here or any other broker.

Didn’t even realised it was available, it’s for plus members only, though.
I paid 105p a share and I think it’s great considering the amount of cash against debt and future prospects of the company… And unfortunately many people’s financial post-covid situation.

Yes it is Plus only but available in ISA. Primarybid is GIA.
And as I said if you bought it yesterday or Wednesday via FT/other broker it was cheaper than 105.5 paid via PrimaryBid.

Still a good price (and future prospect) as it’s up 10% today.