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Sone bad news through or no news is bad news

While Wilson is in charge of Ben taking all his millions in bonuses for being an arse and running up millions of company debt. There will never be any good news.

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There will never be good news in your life,all you do is post negativity everywhere you go!

care to point out any good BEN news???
I’ll wait
$24million loss on $43million in coal sales
work that out

Wow :grimacing::exploding_head:

I’ll come back to you at a later date I am in for the long haul £3000 at £0.1745 a share!

well some of us have 450K shares invested … hence why Wilson being a complete a hole and scamming all out of money in bonuses for loosing $24m in a year makes us a bit miffed

H1 production update.

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Smile BS

Adam Wilson, Chief Executive Officer of Bens Creek, commented:

"We are delighted, as previously promised, to move to providing details of quarterly production numbers of clean coal.

In the period from 1 April to 30 September 2023, we produced approximately 205,000 tons of clean coal, which was a record six monthly production figure for the Company and up over 100% on the same period last year (six months to 30 September 2022: 99,928 tons). The production in the six months to 30 September 2023 is also equivalent to 75% of the clean coal produced by the Company in the financial year to 31 March 2023 (272,318 tons).

September 2023 itself was a new monthly production high for the Company with over 50,000 clean tons produced, despite only having the two Highwall Miners (“HWMs”) in production, one of which was on double shift, for around half of the month. With the two HWMs being in full operation the Company anticipates that clean coal production in October 2023 will be higher than September 2023.

In July 2023 we also suffered a period with no HWM production following the previously reported mining incident which resulted in both HWMs being out of action for a short period. This resulted in clean coal production during July 2023 being 50% lower than August 2023 and July 2023 being the lowest production month in the six month period.

With both HWMs now in full operation the Company expects to be able to continue the growth in production into the next quarter. This increased production is further enhanced by the reduction of costs per ton from June 2023, and the recent rebound in the met coal price from its lows of $191 in August 2023 to $238 at the current time.

We remain optimistic for the future for the Company."

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Hopefully see some clean green in the charts now

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And they mined and sold a lot of coal last year and still ended up $24m in the red
The question is can they actually make a profit from what they pull from the ground ?

You should try and be a little more positive and maybe a little patience on your top. Did you not read the article above?

ive read the accounts front to back,
the only thing that counts is
can they actually make a profit on the coal the mine?
thats on the back of how much trust do you have in AW as CEO to deliver that…
the only audited numbers we have so far are , no he can not be trusted to deliver

Trust him now? trust in back Atlantic Coal was his thing, that didnt end well

The reason Im still holding, for now, is for the possible takeover by Avani

Good bounce back today

Spoke to soon

Met coal price keeps rising.
Hivolb is up from lows of $190/t to $247.50/t and forecast to rise further in October!
Hopefully the SP catches up with the trend as every extra $/t goes straight to BENs bottom line!


Maybe they need to show us this bottom line as it’s not reflecting!

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Could do with some positive news Mohammed?

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join the TG group to send you questions for the shareholder day on the 5th :sunglasses:
or even make you way to West Virginia and have a look around the site


What have I missed?