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Wilson did this to the shareholders of Atlantic carbon …
How was he allowed to get away with doing it again.

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AIM has quite a lot of unscrupulous characters which is why it is so important to be extremely careful. I am not invested in BEN, but remembered seeing on an ADVFN board some time back that one or two users were sounding the alarm about Adam. As I am not invested, I haven’t followed events here to know whether what has happend is underhanded, bad luck or just a poor business model.

There is another person who has been a chairman of several AIM companies and where the share prices for nearly all of them have crashed spectacularly. You have to question whether they are nothing more than lifestyle companies paying the owners and/or board members handsome amounts from equity raises whilst they promise future riches.

Moral of the story from my experiences, which I’d pass on to new AIM investors, is that due the reduced audit requirements and very risky nature for a lot of these businesses to only invest very small amounts.

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Wilson already had another coal company set up and running.
Wonder if he will take that to IPO
What’s his next scam going to be

Avani are going to take everything
What a complete mess

Let’s make a change. Letters to the board and bankruptcy court.
We need to stop Avani taking everything

This is the only way we can maybe come away with something.


Good luck with that but I fear you are just wasting your time.

But the other option is do nothing and let the criminals walk all over you
Why should these people be allowed to get away with this time after time.

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I agree, but how to get past bankruptcy is gonna be a challenge

We find out later today what our fate is.
Either way for shareholders it won’t be good
The amount of illegal activity the board has been involved in , they need locking up for life.
It won’t happen.
They will move on and do it all again
They are doing it all again , setting up the next scam :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Good luck anyone still in I took the loss and saved 78p see if that was a good thing to do!

I have seen you repeatedly state illegal activity by the board for people without your extensive knowledge what is this exactly?

I figured I’d take a chance on some coal stock at the start of the russian war with Ukraine. I appear to have stumbled into some shady investor trap. -95% piss.

Well :face_with_monocle: now we have two parties wanting to lend money to save the creek

and thats the end of that :woozy_face:

So as a novice investor. Does that mean I can no longer sell the worthless shares I should be never have bought in the first place?

No unfortunately not will have to wait and see what happens I doubt any good news

It’s all shte Wilson and Iqbal scammed us all. Syphoned all the money and set up freeland coal mine :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Avani will end up with all the us companies.
They are laughing
I hope my £80k investment chokes them all :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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and that the final whistle, all over . :poop: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: