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BigCommerce Holdings, Inc. IPO will be held at NASDAQ on August 5. This American company provides its clients with a cloud platform for online sales. The BigCommerce product is targeted at mid-sized and small businesses, allowing users to launch, promote, manage and scale online stores. According to the latest companyʼs data, the product is used by more than 60,000 customers from 120 countries.

Companyʼs online platform allows to conveniently adjust an online store and place it on a provided hosting platform. The toolkit includes an order processing system, systems for business promotion in the Internet , integrated analytics and many other useful tools. Users receive all the functionality by subscription, paying a fixed monthly fee.

I’d be very excited to see this one. I hope they can match the success of Shopify. Anything that helps diversify the field and stop traders relying on Amazon/eBay can only be a good thing.

I’ve always opened that would become a thing - an open source, free to use marketplace but the adoption just doesn’t seem to be picking up.

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Was about to request this and saw already posted :slight_smile: ASAP please this looks interesting as a Shopify competitor and already jumped from $24 to $91 max on first day.

Btw the ticker symbol is [BIGC]

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And we’re live on :freetrade:

Capital at risk


Would it be possible to get some IPOs on the day in future?

Hey Adam, yes, that’s always our goal — we’ve added some on the day recently including Lemonade and Li Auto.

Sometimes, it’s not possible for technical reasons, but we’ll keep doing what we can to make even more of them happen on IPO day!