Bitcoin gains $1,000 in one day

BTC just did a $1000 one day move.

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This is why I got out of Bitcoin a long time ago. Huge hacks, private entities easily dictating the market, so much volatility. I was mining bitcoin when it was worth pennies, but this was all before Apple Pay, contactless payments, instant transfers, etc. The need for a digital currency just isn’t the same as it was years ago, and now the currency is just so easily manipulated that I am washing my hands of it.

Fun to watch from the sidelines however, thanks for sharing, i’m out of the loop these days.


I bought one when it was at £3000. Pleasant surprise waking up today and my investment was up almost £700.

I bought knowing it was a purely speculative punt. I could lose all my money, but hopefully I’ll double up. I’ll stick with it and ride it out.

I also bought 10 Litcoins and made £70 on those today.


Personally I wouldn’t touch Bitcoin at these prices. I first heard of it when they were a couple of quid I think, but never bought any. I think the price is mostly driven by FOMO but as far as I’m concerned I already missed it


I’d be surprised if it’s not pump and dump :popcorn:


I sold my BTC when it broke above £4k and LTC went over £70. Over £1100 in profit. Coinbase have some hefty fees for pulling cash out.

I only hope it doesn’t go all the way back up to £13k now that I’ve sold :grimacing:

If the risk of bitcoin is too much there’s always :avocado: