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Awaiting mine in bith gia and isa

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7 days 5 working days how much interest they get lol wat a joke!!!


Only got Tesco yesterday and HSBC today all dated 23rd. Still waiting for this one

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How many days now???

I believe I have been paid this today (uninvested money equal to the did I am expecting) but there is no confirmation email or update in my activity feed.

Just received notification of divi

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Received on the 3rd July. Why so late i thought freetrade were meant to be improving in this area


The head of oil giant BP has resigned as chief executive amid a review of his personal relationships with colleagues.

The company said Bernard Looney, who had led the company since 2020, was stepping down with immediate effect.

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I get investors want profits or they smash the sell button but isn’t almost all companies having a hard time at the moment with earnings?

It’s the only stock I’ve sold out of before the recent decline. It’s very cyclical and I also hold Rio so decided to reinvest in my ETF’s as the conviction wasn’t there for me.

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Rio is another cynical one but I’m happy with their plans the new mines etc for now anyways.

I thought BP would do OK there with the price rises on oil. Around my area though esso dominates for the cheapest fuel.

I have held out so nothing much I csn do now but ride the wave haha

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Hi Kiava I’ve been investing in BP a lot recently and I’m quite happy to " Ride the wave" also :+1:

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Aye it be a pirates life for thee arrrrghhh


What’s everyone’s thoughts on BP bevause I was reading the coments on yahoo and it doesn’t seem good.

Most people seem to have this opinion that BP are to focused on renewables and not on oil and also they said some company I can’t remember the name will ruin them or bring them down?

I was going to buy shares on the 16th as that’s div payment date but I think I got this wrong it’s Usally the ex div the shat price drops correct? So there would be no need to wait until the 16th? Or will the price drop some before people reinvest or decide to just put the cash else where?

Basing buying times around dividends is pointless. It’s a zero sum game.

Kiava they went ex 9th of November and pay dividends quarterly.
FT has the yield at nearly 5%, if you have worries about the company you can do better than that.
I’m holding thank you.

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No I thought bp was a good company it’s just that it seems to have a lot of negitive press on yahoo finance in the comments section.

So I was just wondering everyone’s thoughts about it.

Np I just thought why am I buying today if the share price is about to tank evvause dividents got paid out to everyone, so isn’t it better if you were to buy in to wait for the pay out so you get in lower? Buy low sell high isn’t that what this games about.

But no I got it wrong anyway I think when the ex div day is done it’s tanked the day after is it? Or on that day I’m not to sure I don’t pay much attention as I’m not a div hunter.