Confusing share prices

Hey guys am a little confused. I want to purchase BP shares for the good dividends it gives. The trade for about £43 a share but when I went to purchase them on freetrade their £5! Am I missing something?

Hi :wave:

BP shares currently trade for around £5 (see Google Finance for example), I’m guessing that you’ve seen the share price published elsewhere e.g. Google Finance, in pence so 555.50


but this translates to £5.55 in normal money

the prices displayed by different sources may be different because our prices aren’t always live & are ‘indicative’ - see the bottom of the stock’s page in the app for details

I hope that helps :smile:


BP also trade for $43 on the New York stock exchange, maybe this is part of the confusion

I presume these are different shares representing a different amount of equity? anyone know how that works? I’ve never thought about it before


BP listed in NYSE is a sponsored ADR (American Depository Receipt).