Stock Price Disparity

So I was looking at AZN which I have 1 share of at 75 on Free trade but on eToro I saw that AZN is is 52 both at the exact same date and time now this might be a silly question but why is there such a huge disparity between the same stock?

Maybe because one is in GBP and the other in USD? :thinking:

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Astrazeneca are dual listed, the UK stock on LSE is £75, the nasdaq is $52. Don’t know why its different but both are correct.


The difference is that the price of the stock is the same everywhere (roughly)

$52 * 1.40 (GBP/USD) = £73

Edit: Stupid me :shushing_face:

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You have that exchange rate calculation backwards, as well as not using the correct value.

I can only apologize for being such an idiot haha. Thanks for the replies!

In fact I just realised that
AZN in the US is an ADR of 0.5 ordinary stock of AZN in LSE which makes

£75 * 0.5 = £37.5 * 1.4 (GBP/USD) = $52.5


I’m sorry if I sound like an idiot again but what’s the ADR and LSE? I’m basically brand new to trading!

ADR is the mechanism by which foreign companies can list their shares on US stock markets.
LSE is London Stock Exchange.

LSE = London Stock Exchange