FX Fees when charged


I’m in the UK trading US stocks. I’ve noticed the FX fee when buying stocks but does it also charge you when you sell stocks?

Tried searching but can’t find the answer!



Yes :+1:t2:

Thank you! So it just doesn’t show on the form when you sell. Is it the same rate of 0.45%? :thinking::hugs:

It’s the same rate when sold as well, yes.

It shows on mine…

Ah ok, and is it based on the currency of where the company is based, or the stock market you trade on? So if an American company is also listed on the UK market, would I still be charged FX fees?

It’s the currency. If a transaction requires GBP - USD (or vice-versa) you get the live spot rate + 0.45% fee.

The stock market. The LSE is in GBP. The NASDAQ is in USD.