[Solved] Spot rate + 0.45% FX rate?


I’ve come across freetrade in an attempt to find a service that will allow me to

a) rationalise multiple trading accounts with different providers
b) reduce the cost of trading

I understand the GIA and ISA accounts’ pricing structures, but I don’t understand exactly what “Spot rate + 0.45% FX rate” means. Please can someone clarify for me?

Many thanks :slight_smile:

The spot rate is the exchange rate at the time and then Freetrade add 0.45% to the rate as a fee which they keep


Thanks for the reply! :slight_smile:

To extend the question, when does this fee kick in? in when buying shares on a non-UK market?

This fee is included in the whole purchase price. Once you place the order it shows the fee on the receipt

And only on shares that are priced in currency other than pounds.

Awesome, thanks folks, this is really useful! :slight_smile: