How does FT make money from GIA?

How exactly do they make money from my GIA account?

What is the catch?

FX fee of 0.45% on US stocks.

They don’t make money off everything, sipp and isa are other revenue streams which supplement it I guess.


Hey @sophie

As Adam alluded to, we have a freemium pricing model, where you can use the Free account or upgrade to the Plus membership for more features and access to even more stocks.

There are also ISA and SIPP you can open for an additional fee.

You can see full details on this page:


spot rate + FX fee. Oh, this is what it was. Thanks.

How about UK stocks?

The pricing is good. I worked out that I’d spend 90 gbp p/a

UK stocks and ETF’s are free :+1:t3:

FX at 0.45% is low (e.g. Hargreaves charges 1%)



I used HL before, and wasn’t happy with the fees.

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The aim would be to direct new and existing customers who have a GIA account to ISA’s, plus and SIPP’s.