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(Aris David) #1

Some of us here are investors and early adopters therefore it is in our best interest to make sure Freetrade acquire more users and become a top ranking financial app.

Here are some ideas on how we can help FreeTrade grow.

Quora and Reddit - when you see a question asking about low cost/commission free investment/trading account in the UK. Please respond and recommend Freetrade and point them to the community as well.

Twitter and Instagram - Likes and retweets!

Stock Forums - mention freetrade (e.g. lse and advfn forums)

Recommend it to your family, friends and social media followers.

Give it a nice review on App Store.

Every little helps and will compound this into a unicorn start-up. :facepunch:

Freetrade Trustpilot Reviews ⭐️
(Viktor) #2


Also, if you see an article about fintech apps or investment platforms, and you see :freetrade: is not mentioned, do email or send a Twitter DM to the journalist. Usually they respond well.

(Georgi) #3

Great idea, I already recommend it to everyone even though I didnt have the chance to invest in it :smile:
By the way is there any way anyone can still get a part of Freetrade?
As I see R3 round is finished so I hope for a next one soon.With so much potential and so much things ahead of you im sure you are going to need capital to fuel all the ideas quicker.

(Big Boss) #4

Adam said Q1 2019 at the Freetrade launch party. Fear not.


That’s good news. I did hope another round of funding would come.

(Rob N) #6

In the spirit of this chat! :+1:

(Vladislav Kozub) #7

It’s kind of funny to see you used to have the HL app once but not anymore :grin:

(Aris David) #8

It’s called the “flippening”, wow we’re in the top 100 now!


79 in the charts now - rising quickly

Revolut Free Trading Tweet? 🦅
(Viktor) #10

…and actual reviews of Freetrade! Matt, a journalist from Engadget, tweeted the below. Maybe those with a Twitter account can give him some feedback?


I came across this tweet. Don’t know him personally but apparently he is due to speak about zero commission trading at the Paris fin forum but Freetrade is not mentioned on his article mentioned on the tweet. Perhaps Viktor knows him😁

Edit: I know the answer now. Freetrade is not mentioned because it’s a competitor. Nick is CEO of BUX

(Viktor) #12

He is “BigSwingingNick” (an awful “nickname” to even quote), the CEO of BUX.

(Matteo) #13

There is also to say that Bux, at least from my understanding, is a CDF broker so trading yes investing not so much.
I might be biased but Freetrade is far superior in every way.


Holly (CEO) needs hooking up with a test account :calling:

No mention of Freetrade here… not even a notable mention, which is absurd given Dabbl makes the list :thinking:

Pinged her a quick email:

(Big Boss) #15

Nice one my man!! :clap:t3: