Brand Ambassador

(Aris David) #1

Some of us here are investors and early adopters therefore it is in our best interest to make sure Freetrade acquire more users and become a top ranking financial app.

Here are some ideas on how we can help FreeTrade grow.

Quora and Reddit - when you see a question asking about low cost/commission free investment/trading account in the UK. Please respond and recommend Freetrade and point them to the community as well.

Twitter and Instagram - Likes and retweets!

Stock Forums - mention freetrade (e.g. lse and advfn forums)

Recommend it to your family, friends and social media followers.

Give it a nice review on App Store.

Every little helps and will compound this into a unicorn start-up. :facepunch:

(Viktor) #2


Also, if you see an article about fintech apps or investment platforms, and you see :freetrade: is not mentioned, do email or send a Twitter DM to the journalist. Usually they respond well.

(Georgi) #3

Great idea, I already recommend it to everyone even though I didnt have the chance to invest in it :smile:
By the way is there any way anyone can still get a part of Freetrade?
As I see R3 round is finished so I hope for a next one soon.With so much potential and so much things ahead of you im sure you are going to need capital to fuel all the ideas quicker.

(Big Boss) #4

Adam said Q1 2019 at the Freetrade launch party. Fear not.


That’s good news. I did hope another round of funding would come.

(Rob N) #6

In the spirit of this chat! :+1:

(Vladislav Kozub) #7

It’s kind of funny to see you used to have the HL app once but not anymore :grin:

(Aris David) #8

It’s called the “flippening”, wow we’re in the top 100 now!


79 in the charts now - rising quickly

Revolut Free Trading Tweet? 🦅