BT is categorised as ‘Slow internet’ - Suggest changing it

(Giridhar Tammana) #63

Then we use power of coin toss.

(Emma) #64

Thumb war :sunglasses:

(Asa Carter) #66

I have nothing to say, other than my BT is pretty quick :no_mouth:


Change it, I’d say. Yeah, Freetrade is cool and new, but we’re trading in a real grown-up world, which is no place for jabs and jokes.

(Ben Sheppard) #68

I wouldn’t use BT for a lot of reason but I don’t think we need to be taking jabs at them they’ve got their own rules to abide to when it comes to claiming they’re fast. There are rules in place that’ll strip that from them and we shouldn’t be the ones to police that.

I believe the reason people are talking about it so much is out of concern for Freetrade and not disagreement

"Fast" Internet would be a small improvement

(Alex Sherwood) #69

We wanted to give everyone a proper response to your feedback so here it is -

we’ll be asking users who read the next newsletter to vote on this poll too & then we’ll decide what do next..


TBH, I think Freetrade is wasting their time about this issue. I mean, how many polls does it need to finally have a decision? I’ve already voted twice and now there’s another? I don’t really care about descriptions but I will have to admit that when I saw the screenshot, my first impression was not impressed. I find it more derogatory than being funny. I guess somehow that will have a negative effect on a new investor’s mind when buying shares. I prefer neutral I guess. If I want to have a laugh, I’d visit a joke site. :v:

(Vladislav Kozub) #71

All links go back to the same poll. If the votes split remains the same within days/weeks, the description will probably be changed by Freetrade.


Sorry, what I meant is that I voted for this idea which is now with 23 votes, and I also voted on the poll.

(Vladislav Kozub) #73

Ah, the idea was just to see if people have a genuine interest in this matter, whereas the poll is the actual referendum if I may say so :sweat_smile:

But I do get your frustration and hope this will be resolved with a favourable outcome :slight_smile:


Even though my preferred outcome is currently in the lead and as Alex says in the post passionate community debate is a good thing, I do hope that this is not a binding referendum. Community voting is a not a great way to do product management: too risky, can’t please everyone.


So another week has gone by and this issue still drags on! I checked the poll on Thursday night and the split was 70% in favour of changing the description, surely the end was in sight and common sense would prevail?

Little did I reckon on the weekly wrap article being used to defend and justify the Freetrade position in an attempt to alter the vote in their favour, whilst also patronising the argument against them.

It feels to me as if Freetrade are going to keep this poll open until it shows the result they want, and in the meantime try to convince the community that the description is appropriate?

So just to be clear; when will this poll close?

Ps, I agree with Rod on community voting being divisive. It’s also not good form to open a vote a week ago and then attempt to change its course when the results don’t show what you want - you’re guaranteed to frustrate those that have already voted for the change!

(Viktor) #76

It doesn’t drag on.

We’ll close it off in a week or two - when we have a little bandwidth on the growth team to reach the rest of the community (via our next newsletter, probably). We have 70,000 people on the waitlist, and 70 votes above. As we build the app with the community, for the community, a bit more people are represented. Don’t you think that’s important?

I re-read the Weekly Wrap, and I’m not sure how it is coming across as patronising your argument.

Agreed - but only to an extent!

Community voting is not something you can do for every little thing. But sometimes it’s important to get direct input. And we’ll keep asking for it whenever it makes sense.

(Viktor) #77

I like it. :point_up: It gives a nod to the potential history of the description (if we end up changing it). Sort of like an easter egg.


I’d change it to “OK internet”


So, one week or two? Close it after one week if the vote swings to Keep but leave it running for another week if it’s still showing Change? :rofl:

A set date would make more sense and be fairer.

(Viktor) #80

If only we were that organised! :wink: We want to include this in the newsletter too so we’ll close this a week after that’s been sent out, whenever that is.


I’ll admit that I laughed when I first saw it. As much as I’d like it to stay, it must be changed. The app has great UX and features which are enough to leave a positive impression on users (especially younger users who are clearly your demographic), but something like this can be a point of contention. This may be the difference between whether a user decides to invest or not. As a start-up, every day is full of risks and gambles – but it is better to lean on the side of caution when it comes to making a statement, even as simple as this. Your advisers will say the same thing.

Wishing you all the best of luck.

(Alex Sherwood) #82

We asked our whole community to vote on this description in our last newsletter & here’s what happened (from this week’s Weekly Wrap).

The results are in… :white_check_mark:

And slow internet has won the day.

Since it sparked a lot a debate, we held a vote on whether we should keep BT’s stock description in the app.

While the votes in the community were in favour of a change, once we polled a wider range of users via the newsletter, the votes changed to 70% - 30% in favour of ‘slow internet’. That’s the description of one of their products, not the company.

Those who wanted to change made strong and thoughtful arguments, but most of our users thought we should keep Freetrade’s voice distinctive and bold.


Can we have a breakdown of the votes? :ballot_box: i.e. we know 94 votes were cast in the community poll with a 57%-43% split, but how many were cast off the community and what was that percentage split? Would appreciate the transparency, thanks.

Weekly Wrap 16/11/18