Budgeting Apps for setting goals

I want to start the new year with some new resolutions and hence, looking for the best budgeting app. I’ve read some reviews but none particularly address what I’m looking for. For instance, if I want to pay off my car loan in a year, I can set it as a goal and it will calculate how much I’ll have to pay each month to make that happen. Any suggestions?

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Calculator? :rofl: Seriously, what more do you want in the app specifically? If it was just for what you said then a calculator would be more than enough but I am guessing you want a lot more. Personally I can’t beat Excel as I can modify my budget targets and targets as I go as life changes and interlink it to my shares and investments etc.

Might not be an app but I don’t need it on my phone as I don’t see why I would need to constantly check it.

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If your budgeting needs are limited to the example in the opening post then I agree nothing more than a calculator is needed.

In terms of money management apps, I use Emma but more for spend tracking and account aggregation than for budgeting.

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Excel/Google Sheets

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Have you looked at Monzo? Their bank account has what you’d need built in. Open a pot and pay in your loan amount / 12, then set the direct debit to pay directly from the pot and any extra funds you put in there until you have enough.


I haven’t yet but i will definitely have a look at it. Thanks :+1:

True, i have tried Emma but it mostly tracks my spending rather than telling me how to budget so that i can save each month in addition to paying off my expenses and also reach my goals. I know my opening post has been a little vague but it definitely needs more than a calculator.

Agreed. I was a little vague. Actually i need it more for budgeting to reach my goals. I want to make some kind of saving each month along with paying off my loans in the desired timeline. Because often i tend to overspend which also makes me fail in reaching the goals i have planned out. Easier if it’s an app because i am not great at excel either neither do i spend much time to keep on calculating.

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My brother is similar and I believe he uses Monzo as @NeilB mentioned, maybe that is an option?


Ample of apps in the market. Emma, Nova Money, Money Dashboard…Every app has its own pros and cons. You can check all of them out and then see which one suits your needs.

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i have tried emma before and it’s not really what i am not looking for. but i havn’t tried the other two. i will download and check. thanks :+1:

Yep would definitely give it a try

Try Plum

I use MoneyHub on Android. It’s good for setting budgets and analysing your spending. It also uses open banking for linking your bank and credit card accounts - so your transactions come straight through to the app. The app makes a good job of assigning categories to each transaction but you can change/override these when needed.