Bumble - BMBL

How long do we think we’re looking at before it comes live on FT?

That’s just the way it is. The odds are stacked against us retail investors and in favour of the big boys.

Worth buying at the open and selling at the close for quick profit?

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If you accept the opposite may well happen, and are prepared to lose out - go for it. With AirBnB it paid to let it cool off for a day or two, while the hype died down.

I think the really annoying thing is (although FT say they are more prepared) - its the fact that there is no signal as to what time it’ll go live for us.

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May by at open if priced around 65%, sell at close (fingered crossed for a big rise) then reinvest at the drop?

Airbnb IPO’d at 40/50 I think, I got in at $150😢. Not too bad now its $218 but crazy difference. I think a long hold is the only way if you believe in the company, hard to judge short term what’ll happen.

At the moment, NasDaq have it listed as trading held and i cant seem to find any buy options on any other broker? Can anyone confirm this?

Agree it would be nice to have a rough time frame, we don’t need an exact time frame…
even if it’s 2-6 weeks, better than nothing!!

People (including me) are buying Match.com instead, which is up hugely recently

I believe Bumble has a big future. Is it better to buy at the open and hold it, or should I wait for a dip first and then buy it. What if a dip never comes? New to this!

Taken from Nasdaq news: Now $72 on the Nasdaq, at 11:24 am ET, well above its initial public offering price of $43 per share.

It’ll be over $100 by the time we get to dip our fingers in.

Yep, easily

It open 78.6 still cant buy?

Live now on webull. Up 80%

Can any one buy yet. Need to get different trading app.

Levelling of at 100% rise. Too late, I’m not going to waste my money now if it does become live on FT. It will peak soon and just drop down as the institutions take their profit.

Now live on FT

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I thought this with Airbnb and bought as it went live. It swung around for weeks in the end and I’d have saved about 15% if I’d have waited.

My order was rejected???

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Over inflated at this point. Will wait for it to drop before entering