Bumble - BMBL

Bumble ($BMBL)

Large dating app due to market this week

This is due to IPO tomorrow, is there any update if this will be available on the platform?

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has a request been made using the new request form, I fear FT will bring us late to this IPO as requests are now said to be only reviewed on Fridays
would be good to have BMBL rushed through quickish as they are said to be the second highest grossing dating app

Its on their calendar, they’re normally quick with recent IPOs. Should come on the app with no price in the morning then go live when secondary market is up a few hours after US open.


Hi everyone

As @AdamL mentioned, we’ll add this tomorrow the moment it’s available on the secondary market! :honeybee:

We improved the IPO process a lot in recent months, and are all set.

You should see it on your app as ‘Coming soon’ in the next few minutes.

Update: here it is


Looking like $37-$39 per share looks promising :pray:

What is the market cap at aroud 38 USD a share?

7.2billion at $39

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is Bumble a dating biz on blockchain?


7 billion

Thank you so much here I come BMBL bye bye tindr

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Ah right, I dont use either. This wasnt me:

I should join Bumble for DD!

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Its a tech IPO so it’ll probably open above 100 for us mere mortals :joy:



Hi Freetrade team,

When will this be available to buy in platform?


The market has opened and not available on Freetrade to trade. By the time we do we would have missed the boat, again.


IPOs always trade on primary markets first, before entering exchanges and becoming available to retail investors. There’s nothing Freetrade can do about this, so cut them some slack.


Exactly my point. It doesn’t matter whether its Freetrade, HL whoever, us mere mortal retail investors will always miss out at the start of any IPO.

What price would you buy at when this goes live on Freetrade??

Not the $43 that it was being advertised at! Yesterday it was rumoured to be around $28. Wait, see if dips.