Business Accounts for Limited Companies

Being a contractor and having my own limited company for b2b contracts, I would love to be able to invest straight with my company’s money before paying dividend tax on it. Make it happen!!! xDD

I second this. Please make it happen so that we (contractors, consultants, and others) can invest our gross income rather than paying 32.5% tax on dividends in order to invest which makes no sense at all!!!

Also other investment platforms already provide business accounts, such as:

Amongst others.

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If you’re a contractor, can you invest your company money directly into other businesses/shares (excluding pensions)?

I thought you’d need to create an SPV company for this sort of thing. Where your contracting company is the parent company.

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You seconded your own post? :laughing:

I loves it, as we says in Wenglish.

I may have to borrow this idea to bump one of my own.