Can't find stock which I'm sure is listed

Hi, I have been using a company called Transfer Wise which was recently floated on the London SE. As part of its launch they put out an offer to some customers that if we buy shares and provide them with proof of that purchase and then hold the shares for a year they will increase our stock by 5%.

This is an offer I want to take up BUT I cannot find the stock listed! From the company “Our stock ticker is WISE — sometimes written as LSE:WISE or LON:WISE. Please make sure you buy the correct Wise shares”.

They also specifically state that Freetrade is one of the brokers taking part in their launch - but when I try searching for the stock I can’t find it anywhere!

Just search for Wise in the app. It’s on there. No ide what you’re doing incorrectly.

Yes, definitely on there. Just known as Wise (but in the information it does say that it “was formerly known as TransferWise Ltd”. It’s been trading on LSE since 7 July.


I’ve just tried it myself in the app on Android. WISE is the first item returned when I search for it. How are you looking?

Edit: I searched for wise

I go to the search box and enter WISE also tried LSE WISE and the only return on that is - WisdomTree

Under LSO WISE there are 4 listed the first one being ContextLogic

Is is because WISE in a PLUS only stock maybe? Not sure how you find that out, just a thought

WISE is not a Plus stock. This is what I get:

@Darzad what phone/iOS are you on? Are you using the latest version of the app?


Okay I found it by only capitalising the W as in Wise BUT there is no option to buy that I can see - I have transferred in money which is showing in my account but when I go into Discover and choose a stock there is no way I can see to buy! I’m on an Android phone by the way.

Have you scrolled down? Sounds mad, but on smaller phones, the buy button is hidden at the bottom…

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For me with wise all in lowercase, it’s the first in the list.

Lol, talk about being a Luddite! Many thanks you were right - it was hidden by the button!

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You’re not the first, nor will you be the last, to wonder how to buy and not realise the need to scroll!!

Again, many thanks. Just made my first ever buy of stocks and feeling pretty good about it :slight_smile: