Capital Metals (CMET) Share Chat

The company explores and develops high-grade mineral sands in Sri Lanka.

There’s an opportunity here.

They raised £1.3m literally 2 weeks before xmas, mainly from their major shareholder’s at 4.25p… and it’s 3.3p to buy today.

Huge over reaction to the exclusivity period expiring on Friday.

The RNS was only an exclusive period expiring. Nothing more nothing less, it actually puts them in a stronger position for discussions.

One to watch and acquire on the cheap

There we go. TR1 today, someone took 4% of the company in the placing just before Xmas. Date threshold crossed 14th Dec the day new shares were issued. At 4.25p

Yours today for 3.4p… and a deal with a 6 billion market cap Chinese conglomerate sat being discussed to take this into full production…

Hey ho…

Wow. Great news.

Thats two potential funders of this into production now. This one invests into the company, and is already a producer of mineral sands.

Remember the placing with the long term investors before xmas was 4.25p also…

The earn in stages for construction will be tens of millions. Things will get interesting now

Sheffield resources have credibility. Already a production outfit. Could end up in a bidding war for co at these prices imo

Sheffield Resources Executive Chairman

Bruce Griffin most recently held the position of Senior Vice President Strategic Development of Lomon Billions Group, the world’s third largest producer of high-quality titanium dioxide pigments. Bruce previously held executive management positions in several resource companies, including acting as the Chief Executive Officer and a director of TZ Minerals International Pty. Ltd. (TZMI), the leading independent consultant on the global mineral sands industry, World Titanium Resources, a development stage titanium project in Africa and as Vice President Titanium for BHP Billiton.

Time to wake up!

2 funding parties in talks. Revenue within 12 month of construction, huge numbers based on less than 10% of the resource!

£11m market cap! There’s exploration co’s years from having a proven resource with multiple market caps of CMET…

A reminder of the basic terms of the talks with first funding party LB Group (£5bn market cap)…

You’d expect the new funder to be looking at similar levels of investment.

Think about it. $81m investment… £10m m/c


LB Group to fully fund the Project as defined by the IHC Mining independent Development Study

Report and Preliminary Economic Assessment announced in May 2022 (“PEA”), which is estimated to cost US$81 million. The JV will fund any expansion of the Project beyond the PEA parameters on a 50/50 basis.

Capital Metals to start earning its share of JV profits as soon as shipments begin, which could be within 12 months of the start of construction.

Flying today. Must have been this interview. Great insights

Don’t ignore this imo.

Watch the video above and read last month or two of RNS … strategic investment and funding

This is still cheap when it comes

Some more info on the upcoming funding deal.

take from > Capital Metals Poised to Bring Sri Lankan Mineral Sands Project Into Production - Article | Crux Investor

Remember, these parties in talks to fund this are literally giants of mineral sands producers

It’s really worth researching while sub £20m market cap. Producer in 12 month from construction

Lomon Billions (LB Group)

Could be a decent little dip to snaffle a few of this, after a few nervous sellers yesterday due to a youtube interview with a few clumsy words from Director haha.

End of day, the JV is still being finalised, and will be announced very soon, which will fund them to production for 50% of the asset.

At this value, there’s exploration co’s with far higher market caps, with no sight of production or funding on the horizon. Nor with the proven resources or NPV. Dyor


Capital Metals (AIM: CMET), a mineral sands company approaching mine development stage at the high-grade Eastern Minerals Project in Sri Lanka (the “Project”), is pleased to confirm that legal agreements are well advanced for Sheffield Resources Limited (ASX: SFX) (“Sheffield”) to acquire a 50% interest in the Project in consideration for providing development capital by way of joint venture project equity. Whilst the legal agreements will not be completed in May, Capital Metals expects the transaction to close shortly.