Capital Metals (CMET) Share Chat

The company explores and develops high-grade mineral sands in Sri Lanka.

There’s an opportunity here.

They raised £1.3m literally 2 weeks before xmas, mainly from their major shareholder’s at 4.25p… and it’s 3.3p to buy today.

Huge over reaction to the exclusivity period expiring on Friday.

The RNS was only an exclusive period expiring. Nothing more nothing less, it actually puts them in a stronger position for discussions.

One to watch and acquire on the cheap

There we go. TR1 today, someone took 4% of the company in the placing just before Xmas. Date threshold crossed 14th Dec the day new shares were issued. At 4.25p

Yours today for 3.4p… and a deal with a 6 billion market cap Chinese conglomerate sat being discussed to take this into full production…

Hey ho…