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Can anyone from Freetrade support add icon “join discussion” on free trade app?

Cc @Rajan07

Well I never… They are Seriously ramping up advertising and marketing at the moment. Did not know they are floating

They growing very very fast - taking over biggest car sell companies in Europe.

I working for them :slight_smile:

Why has the stock effectively halfed over the past 2 months?

Iv not seen any bad news, just the good one. (last one was acquired brumbrum in Italy!)

Because we are in the midst of a ‘pandemic stock’ crash. Zoom, Peloton, Cazoo etc etc, were all way overvalued and are coming crashing back to earth.

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Cazoo are targeting 200% revenue growth and 100,000 car sales in 2022.

They have rasied $630 million in capital to fund this growth.

13 pence now… worse than crypto

Is there a chance now they will be delisted like Astra might be

From what I understand it won’t effect you unless you own shares under the ticker symbol CZOO WS.

I think that symbol is for employees only but obviously cazoo isn’t doing too well right now. I’m a long term investor and I’m holding with cazoo. I think they have a future it’s just very difficult times out there right now.

Cazoo are consolidating stocks in accordance with the $1 regulations.