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A gold mining specialist, they are in the business of finding and mining precious metals. Leprechauns don’t like gold as much as Centamin.

Stock market goes up gold goes down! Lost more than a £1 a share since August. Is this a buy time for centamin?

That depends on whether you trust that forecast on Simply Wall St

The compilation of the recommendations and forecasts in Investors Chronicle is more hopeful.


I’ve been considering it, but it’s a dividend cut away from being down at 60/70p in my eyes

I could still stomach a small position…but I’d probably prefer a bit more diversification. Opted for some royalty stocks instead for now

Picked up Franco Nevada and Royal Gold as they dropped off post the initial vaccine news. Both posted pretty good quarterly results (record in the first case, and debt free) and look fairly safe at the price I picked them up for.

Took a few positions with Sandstorm Gold, it isn’t up year on year in the same way and is a lower cap/didn’t post as good results but who knows, some money could come in for it if any other runs come to an end. Definitely a lot of by the by stock that’s been bidded up this year and/or prematurely off this vaccine news. Sand also very little debt.

I quite like royalty/streamer stocks, less likely to take a beating if one mine hits trouble and dividends are pretty stingy so no risk of cuts. Have my eye on Wheaton Pm but hasn’t dropped off enough for me yet.

I still think that loose monetary/fiscal policy has a long way to go before a vaccine results in a more self sufficient macroeconomic picture and the long term implications are yet to be seen on what has already been done.

Still, I do hold some other stocks which have a bit of recovery upside, and some boring utility stocks to tow the gap.

Any miners you’d recommend? I’m probably avoiding them a bit too keenly

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Been looking at this one personally just to practice doing research on stocks/companies and it just confuses me even further lol.

They seem to have a good bank balance, their top staff have bought more shares, they’ve completed some remedial work to their main open pit, which is secured for many years, they’ve just won a new contract at a high potential area (details to come out at some point), they offer a decent dividend (I think) and their share price is undervalued.

I’ve seen them pop up as recommendations on some analyst sites and yet plenty of others seem fairly negative/lukewarm about them.

It just seems with all those positives, surely they should be getting some upward traction or interest, so maybe I’m completely misreading things and have got my research done badly!


I had losses and plenty of gains from CEY over 10 years. Sold half of my stock at over 200 on avg buy below 100. During the lockdowns, I traded a few times around the current level and sold around 120s. I added today at 107. It is a defensive play against the over valuation of COVID recovery stocks in UK and even worse in all US markets. It is so unusual that gold shares are down when dollars is low. Their senior staff always buy at the low and profited. I am expecting a big jump of CEY next year.

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Spot price gold has a had a significant drop recently which I was surprised about but it looks like most money is flocking to Bitcoin at the moment. I wonder if this is also link with the drop in share price. Could be a good time to load up but hoping to drop another few pence…!!!

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Added at 100 last week and over 107 now.

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5% down on a day it goes ex div is a worry, people either fatigued with the projected declining growth or moving over to crypto

The share price will typically dip by at least the amount of the dividend on the ex date, nothing major to worry about. Normally will rebound over time.

Ah right, thought you had to hold it through close to qualify for the dividend pay date

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There appears to regularity with Centamin falling in August and sometimes in September.
This is a high frequency event since 2014.
The only period that Centamin does even worse, in terms of frequency, is October/ early November (again, since 2014).
The most consistently occuring upward periods are mid December through early February, with a tail off during mid January, and then picking up again into Feb.


Anyone else getting Order rejected when trying to trade this? Had several attempts / failures


Yes. But have just managed to get an order to go through.

Glad it’s not just me, it took me four attempts but I got there.

CEY is breaking ground today. Maybe it will lose it’s penny share status again :slight_smile:

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