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hmm cheers for this. I bought shares on the market this morning at 1094p, so just 3.3% higher and they are in my ISA. :neutral_face:

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Freetrade’s @DavidK has done a great write up on Ceres today if anyone’s still curious


Nice. The future looks bright, but I was scared by the increase in losses.

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The recent dip is very similar to that of ITM power… Is there something happening across the broader market ?

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In a word, yes. This is massive short seller manipulation in my opinion.

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Turbulent times in the market & certainly for Ceres stock. That said, this is one of those stocks that gives me genuine confidence & so red days don’t scare me much at all. I guess everyone investing for a while, develops a few stocks with which they are unwaveringly sure.

@SubOnly… Bang on fella, the “professional trader’s” tell us that we shouldn’t get emotionally attached to any stock or share… But it’s hard :joy:… We’re only human afterall :man_facepalming::gun:


Down 20% at the moment. Any good news on the horizon?


Excellent RNS… with trading update. Hope this is the good news you are looking for!


Thanks Kevin. All sounds positive! Now the waiting play the waiting game until September!

Good days trading

Any thoughts, is this a keeper?

This dip is the tremours of the China and US activities. If you are looking at a ten year investment, then yes this could be very good in five to ten years. If you’re after a quick win and move on then look elsewhere

Thanks for that. I’m in for the long haul. I’m new to investments so just wanted opinions as I believe they have a good future. :crossed_fingers:

More punishment for holders…

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Like a stone. Wonder why?

There might not be a Ceres reason why Ceres is dropping: everything is down, possibly because US Fed signalled it’s getting ready to raise interest rates.

(Having just written that, I generally think that the average retail investor - ie, us - should consider stock price movements to be essentially random…)

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I can not find any news as why the large drop today?

Jeez - 25% down in the last month alone. Depressing

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The high growth/not yet profitable category of stocks have sold off. If you like the company long term and I mean thinking decades then it could be worth holding as nothing fundamentally has changed

(High Risk(