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I sold my ITM Power, too early.

I’d love to invest £1,000, but I’m afraid I have the same question as you:

Any experts here?

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Care to elaborate on the issue?

Not an expert in the matter.

From the video you posted on this thread my understanding is: despite hydrogen has not a bright future in the car industry it has huge potential in other industries.

I was wondering if there were any expert!?


It’s only cars that they don’t think will adapt hydrogen cells, this is simply due to the cost of rolling out a comprehensive set of filling stations and no-one really trying to do it.

It has clear applications for heavy goods transport, shipping and aeroplanes due to the speed of recharge when compared to EV.

EV vs Hydrogen is just the next gen Petrol vs Diesel imo.

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Ceres is nothing to do with hydrogen. It uses natural gas.

Ceres make SteelCell right?

SteelCell generates power from ethanol, hydrogen and biogas…

Edit: says so on their website?


And here:

Oh, I was wrong. I always thought their focus was on gas, and to have the technology in homes.

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I’m making it a habit to read up about the FreeTrade listed companies in the evenings.

What struck me about Ceres was, similar to Games Workshop (unexpected comparison I know), royalty revenues.

They have signed agreements with four of the world’s largest engineering and power companies, and licensing revenue now makes up half of the sales:
2018: £0.9m
2019: £7.4m

Royalties are a high margin revenue source, so the gross margin to 75 per cent in 2019, resulting in a gross profit of £11.5m.

I’ll share if I come across any other groups with licensing activity.


Ceres has had a great rolling month! Have you managed to catch all of the upturn?

Yes, all the way!! But small position.

I am tempted to cash in the profit, but I believe environmentally focused businesses are the future.


And again today:

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Looks like Bosch have increased their holding by several %

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Nice! Where did you find this info? Thank you.


After I saw the increase I put Ceres into Google and was pretty much the first bit of info

ITM Power has dropped a fair bit today, unsure whether correlation or coincidence until I can Google some more tonight


Still holding.

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Any reason for this stock going down?


Up 8% today thanks to this. Ceres going from strength to strength.

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They had a special call on 22 Jan: “ To discuss the Robert Bosch GmbH increased its equity shareholding in Ceres from c.4% to c.18% through a combination of new and existing Ceres shares”

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