Charges, Stamp Duty, Ongoing costs etc

Newbie Questions!! :laughing:

So I have a list of companies I am interested to buy a few shares in and just going through and looking them up, reading about them etc. But this has thrown up a few questions…

  1. Some have stamp duty payable? Now from what I can gather from Google stamp duty is payable at 0.5% on all shares unless exempt and most AIM shares are exempt? There are 3 companies that I am looking at that have stamp duty payable but also don’t have particularly high share prices:
    Foresight Solar
    Hydrogen One
    Harmony Energy

Why do these three have stamp duty? I realise the simple answer is that they are likely not AIM shares but what makes them not? If that makes any sense…need more tea!

  1. Some of the companies have ongoing charges and transaction costs. Are the transaction costs one off fees? How are these paid - I mean if I only invest say £10 in each of these companies do I pay a small % as well as cost for shares when I buy? Are ongoing costs taken out of any dividends/income so I won’t suddenly get slapped for a bill a year down the line? These companies are:
    Next Energy
    Foresight Solar
    Hydrogen One

Thank you. Love the community here and help and advice. Its really interesting to get involved but a whole rabbit warren!

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