China Mobile - CHL

How about adding China Mobile CHL ?

China Mobile Ltd. would be a Great addition to Freetrade.
With China being such a Huge market surely these shares are on their way up. China Mobile want to be/have stated that they will be the 5G Leader In China. They also pay a Dividend.:relaxed:

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I bought into China Mobile when they were at a 52 week low a few weeks back as they seemed like great value, great health and good dividend yield (based on analysis from Simply Wall Street) but they are still falling.

Does anyone follow them closely and understand the main reason for this continued decline?
Is it reasons such as this article describes? Trump bans U.S. investments in companies linked to Chinese military | Reuters

I’ll stick in there with them (I mean I’ve stuck with Boeing for ages :face_vomiting: so can ride this out for a while)

Has this stock been removed?

Hi Howard, yes, and all holders have now been sent a message on their app.

Here’s some more background on it.

If this happens to a stock you’ve already invested in does it just cash out your stocks at the current value at that time when they become delisted?

I believe you still own the shares but it can’t be traded in your old exchange. Hopefully the company is listed in more than one exchange and you can convert them. For example from New York stock exchange shares to Hong Kong shares. I haven’t personally experience this but it’s based on other people’s experience. Freetrade sadly doesn’t have this service though which is disappointing.