Dream Ideal stock trading app

For years, I have marvelled at how the Chinese have managed to develop tech infrastructure like no one else. Their stock trading apps have extensive features we can only dream of.

To prove my point, here is an app by a prominent Chinese company that allows me to add UK, US, HK and Chinese (Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchange stocks), all in a single app.

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I think there is more to ask for from your “Ideal stock trading app” than the combination of all of the markets. But this one looks good.

That’s cool, no doubting that (albeit ugly UI). But it’s not super hard to do either. If you throw millions at freetrade and let everyone work 14h a day without holidays, you’d get that quite quickly.

With the right attitude and the skills and will, a lot can be accomplished.

I love Freetrade and have huge hopes for the biz. They will excel.

The Ul is easily tweaked to give it the right sheen. What I love the most is the ability to deep dive into financial instruments, to my heart’s content.

Here are more images from two financial apps; one that enables international investors to partake in major global trading,

provided you have the right documentation i.e passport etc

Of course. That is the beauty of advancement and utter rejection of a speck of complacency.