Circassia 💉 💊 - CIR


Anyone bought Circassia?

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Also looks like they might have a bit of a winner here.

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Did you see this coming? :crystal_ball:

I did not! :sob:

I didn’t even realise they were on Freetrade to be honest.

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And here I was thinking you had a crystal ball! :joy:

I’ll research the company a little bit. Maybe there is growth left.

Yeah I own Circassia, currently up 22.75% since the start of Jan.


Congrats! How did you discover this company? It is a little bit obscure.

I work in medicine and do clinical health research myself.


This once had the dreaded Woodford seal of approval.

Thank you! Very interesting sector to be in.

I’ve sold out of my other pharma holdings for this one (it’s not much relative to the portfolios people have on here). First got in on 19th Dec and 2nd Jan and have topped up again early this week!

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I’ve got some notes on Circassia if I get chance I’ll type them up.


I’d be interested!

Mine are up over 31% at the moment (4%today)

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Looks like Circassia have an RNS due soon, share price has risen but it has been struggling on the 29p mark for a few days.

Anyone bullish and topping up beforehand?

Hi Mate,

I have a relatively big position in Circassia, currently up 52%, which is ace. I won’t be buying any more at the moment simply because it’s my wife’s birthday this month lol.
It’s a long term hold for me.


Anyone find any news on the cause of the recent drop??

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Cant see any news releases that would cause the drop. My guess is that the coronavirus is weighing heavy on the health related stocks.

Big day for this today, pretty much back to breakeven price for me. Not entirely sure why such a large rally today, I couldn’t find any news on it but no complaints as this is my largest holding.

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