Claim your R7 forum investor badge

You can only have one badge at a time so comment if you want to replace your current badge or didn’t get one (and don’t want an R7)

Sam & Shiv have the spreadsheet for R7 and palm to roll these out soon enough.

I seem to have a cake beside my name lol

It’s your cake day. Anniversary of the day you joined.

Happy Cake Day


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Yay thanks, I didn’t know that now to check how much I made in investments in a year, negative £151.37 hehe


Any update on hoodies please?

Never notified the form. Submitted my info as well for r7, I think that’s the right one

Everyone who completed the form above has now been added to the R7 group.

Like this post if you’d like your flair added and I’ll do the honours!


Gotta say the R7 does look the nicest of all the badges :slight_smile:


Any chance i can get the R5 one instead :slightly_smiling_face:

I invested in Nov 2021. Badge please.

@Barrakuda done!

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@DGumede done!

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If you are waiting for the Founding member badge (£5k+) let me know!


What about if we’re still waiting for R1 Investor Badge?!

DM me and I can check it out and add it for you!

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Yes please

Not founding member, but any chance of the R7 one please?

Hi Sam, I’m still waiting for R7 / founding member badge.

You should have it already if you have the round 7 title. Just go into account, then preferences → account, there should be a dropdown for Flair which would be the little round badge.


I don’t have that title or the option of adding a badge…