Freetrade share price 📈

You should of sold sooner :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been complaining for years about the slow progress,I honestly think that certain people at the very top should just take their money and go and let more able people take’s been delay after delay after delay and I’m not just talking about Brexit or Covid,it was like this BEFORE they came along. Shane from Ireland eventually just gave up,never to be heard of again??


Who remembers @PleaseLaunchInPoland ? Think he’ll be waiting even longer than the Irish guy at this rate :laughing:


55+ likes, I think there is consensus on these points @adam @Viktor


Hey @hookedinvesting, relevant updates will be in the pitch deck if appropriate or you can ask questions in the upcoming events or discussion forums.

Something I’d like to clarify, which doesn’t seem to have caught on, we are active in Sweden, and we are taking on customers from the waitlist. The status of Sweden very similar to what we did in late 2018 in the UK.

We are deliberately not onboarding everyone, and in fact, we throttle the intake of customers as much as we can.

We are working on specific features and products for them, similar to how we shipped the local deposit solution Swish for instantaneous funding a few months ago.

I don’t fully understand the low marketing spend point - about all non-UK European markets are less competitive than the UK, some of them dramatically so, so that’s a given. In some markets we’ll invest more than others, dependent on revenue potential / payback.

You’ll be happy to hear that a bunch of engineers are working on statements and all the other features you mention (and a few more) we identified as priorities and part of the roadmap at various times.

Hopefully see you or talk more during the campaign!


Looking forward to it, I just hope you’ve listened to the points raised by many across the forum and it leads to a successful campaign.


Thank you, Sam!

Looking forward to tomorrow! (annual crowdfunding announcement), round set for Sep 14.


Round 8 is unpriced, but you can find up to Round 7 on

R5 was 44m
R6 was 141m
R7 was 651m


Any update on current share price?

This what Alex Campbell HoC at Freetrade stated in another thread:

So I guess its tricky to give an actual price per share given the whole market downturn but we could try a guesstimate but I will leave that to others to offer their thoughts.

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definitley substantially lowered if you look at morton ventures’s new report

Which report are you referring to?

Its probably best to either link to the mentioned report or alternatively, not post unfounded rumours that can cause reactions like the one above.

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Is there a newer one than this?

It mentions a £1.8m devaluation. Which given that their total investment is somewhere above £12m isn’t that bad considering the market conditions.


yes this is the latest one, don’t think they mentioned the actual devaluation figure of the non-core ones, freetrade no-longer within their core poftolio. their core portfolio on average dropped by 6%+, so freetrader should have dropped by 10% on share price.

Where did you find that 1.8m


Page 3

“There were net unrealised valuation losses on
investments of £9.3 million in the period; the
largest write downs being IESO Digital Health
Limited (£2.3m), Freetrade Limited (£1.8m),
Primary Bid Limited (£1.8m) and Cervest
Limited (£1.3m) as valuations and valuation
comparables dropped in difficult market

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I think we need to wait for an updated one - given the big changes in the market it might be lower or similar. Reason for that being that since September to now the market has continued to be volatile BUT at the same time FT seems to be tightening up their ship and steering towards break even ANOTHER BUT is the fact that EU expansion is not an immediate focus anymore so not sure how that might affect valuation. So a lot of variables to take that report as still relevant as is in my opinion. To be fair all is theoretical until an event like a Sale, Raise or IPO.