CNA Financial Corporation CNA

This company specialises in providing insurance products to businesses.

Thus is an energy company is it not ?

Looks like £CNA are Centrica on the LSE, while $CNA are this financial company on NASDAQ.

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Hi Adam, I see , however when I look at Centrica, the gas and electricity company then scroll down to look at the discussion the link takes you to the financial corp.
But thanks for that, I will need to remember that same letters can be used in different companies, need to check the currency symbol.

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What are your thoughts on CNA?

Centrica the gas company on the Les is looking to sell there is shareholders meeting in January to discuss the sale sprite energy of the Norwegian arm which the own 69% of shares and look likely to gain £560 million from the sale grab share

I’ve flagged this with admin. The £CNA app page links to $CNA discussion

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Great update, can you share on 💡 Centrica plc 🔥 (£CNA) - #9 by SebReitz with any articles etc.

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