CNBC's Stocks to watch for 2020 🔮

Are you watching/buying any of these?


I think Zynga would be a great buy indeed (unfortunately not on Freetrade yet). They have a strong portfolio of casual mobile games, and I think in general mobile gaming will still see a lot of growth.


2020 - Top up on Coke. Initiate a position in Apple. Looking at Zygna and AT&T

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I’ve got this bookmarked at work. Might knock up a spreadsheet and periodically check in how they’re doing.


Interbrand’s list of top 100 brands for 2019:


Please share @anon810895 if you do it :pray: Much appreciated


Spreadsheet sharing is caring. :pray: @anon810895


I understand that the methodology is not too scientific, but still, Accenture
is significantly up and it’s a popular request in the community.

Facebook losing points is not a surprise.

Interesting pick for a 2020 stock:

Dan Hyde MoS Assistant Editor

Hargreaves Lansdown: It’s been a bumpy year for Britain’s most popular stockbroker. The demise of Neil Woodford, the star fund manager feted by Hargreaves, hammered its shares, until a Boris Bounce earlier this month offered some relief.

Therein lies my reason for optimism. If, as many predict, there is a pile of cash waiting to be poured into the UK stock market, brokers like Hargreaves should be quids in.

I’d be happy with the same return as on my 2019 GlaxoSmithKline pick, but hope for more.

That pile of cash could be poured into the UK stock market through Freetrade. But I can see how they are still the giant of the market.

We had a discussion about HL before.

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Going with picks from analyst is a definitely a quick way of losing money. There is no research or anything to backup their statement. I wouldn’t touch some of these as they are all over valued.


Been waiting for a drop in value for Nike for a while but hasn’t happened