Coca-Cola 🥤- KO

Deep Fried Chicken and a large Pepsi please.


Fair enough about the 2006 advert :+1: TBF he was a bit young then :joy: I do find it funny that people get worked up that he does a good thing though. Being a anti-Man utd fan I am not his biggest fan but fair play to the guy and whatever sponsorship he did get was tiny in comparison to his main ones.

I hate admitting it but especially since he left Man Utd he has been an absolute role model and is a living legend.

Edit - I am also a Coke shareholder for the divs so a total hypocrit myself but still found it funny :joy: :man_facepalming:

I really like him as a player but don’t like hypocritical celebs (Emma Thompson is the worst), if he had just moved the bottles out the way and said’ look i used to advertise this stuff but now i think its sugary piss’ that would of been ok. Also plastic bottles of water are not exactly environmentally friendly.

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Don’t disagree about the celebs thing but only the media made a big deal out of it he simply moved the bottles and said water :joy: besides, we all do things we regret many years ago. The quotes doing the rounds are from a while ago when asked about his kid so he didn’t actually make a big deal of it at the press conference and just didn’t want them in front of him as if he endorses them now.

For that I respect him. :+1: :clap:

TBF he wasn’t against the brand just the sugary drinks for kids. :+1: The bottle had no label. God, I can’t believe I am defending CR7 :man_facepalming: what would my teams fans think :joy:

His work effort is phenomenal, 36 and he is probably the fittest player on the pitch, after every game he comes back out on to train by himself.

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This didn’t get quite the same coverage. :joy: :man_facepalming: It is insane UEFA panders to Coke and Beer companies. :joy:

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Its the non alcohol version but that doesn’t matter, no idea why FIFA allows this. Adverts at the game are one thing but trying to promote something using a footballer who hasn’t given their permission is wrong. Sponsorship is needed to pay for the tournament but needs to be done with some thought.

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Pogba’s water has a label. I can’t figure out what brand it is. I’m curious

Probably Vio - one of Coke’s German water brands.


Has anyone received their KO dividend yet? It was meant to be today, but I’m not sure if it can take a while to arrive?

I am still waiting also. Having to wait isn’t unusual.

You may already have received the dividend in your account. The email notification and activity feed update are sometimes annoyingly behind.

I don’t hold KO, but think I received a VUSA dividend without any info. I previously received a BP dividend before the notification arrived and accidentally invested it in something else rather than reinvested it in the same.

Thinking of buying a stock for good dividends. Anybody got advice on this one


Ive just clicked on the cost and charges icon. Can anyone help me understand what it all means. Will i be charged further fees by freetrade if i make gains on my investment

No, stocks don’t charge anything (except fx fees when buying and selling). But if you buy funds or ETFs, there are charges.

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Ok. Thks. I will look into the funds and etf charges.

Problem with plastic recycling

First time ever I’m in the green
The winds are changing