Stocks To Buy

Looking to buy various stocks & wondering what the members on here are buying?

My goal is long term investment with high dividends which will be automatically reinvested.


From existing range only, or from expected universe?

At the moment my strategy is:

Equal share (not money) distribution across-
iShares MSCI World
iShares FTSE100
iShares UK dividend

Returns me just over 4% dividend

It give me global exposure, a good dividend and the ability to dump money in without thinking about it.

At the moment the U.K. dividend is best performer, though all are currently down ha! But as this this a long term strategy it works fine for me, dips are needed to profit from rises.


A bit of both I guess, my current portfolio although small, is full of Vodafone, Sainsbury’s Tesco and a couple of non dividend paying oil companies small penny shares and others.

Once I have this Freetrade up and running I will be buying some shares lump some cash and then most on a monthly bases so looking for all options.

As it stands, dividends are added to your cash in your Freetrade account. Just so that you are aware. They are not added to the stock that you hold.


That could be changed and I hope it does change & if you thinknthe samenyou can vote to have that happen.

I think it would be great to have the option on a stock by stock item. Whereby I may want some to reinvest but others to pay out the cash.

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Get voting :ballot_box: Hoddz

If he were to vote it would be tantamount to fraud as Benjamin has already cast his vote.


I have? Oh yeah, so I have :joy:


My method will be to hold c.20% in cash, 30-40% in region specific ETFs (US, India etc), 20-30% in a narrow range of top tier international companies (Apple, Alphabet, Starbucks, KraftHeinz as examples), and the rest on a discretionary basis - companies I like or use a lot, or have done research on and I believe have a strong thesis for investment (examples - Fevertree, SJP, Ocado, Tesco)

I will look to filter out non-green companies (e.g. major oil) as I feel strongly about the environment. It will be interesting to see how greatly Freetrade can facilitate this or not.