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A roller coaster that only goes down by the looks of it.

Coinbase £500???

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This is poor logic. If you invest expecting to not see any profit in the first few months then you may as well not invest at all within the first few months because you are essentially risking a downward move with no hope of upwards movement. I wouldn’t invest in anything I didn’t feel would have a higher price after three months, because I could just buy it then.

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I’m glad they’re minimising tax costs, bullish.

It’s not expecting that you won’t see profits, it’s an assumption that you won’t be able to predict what will happen in the short term. As far as I’m aware, there wasn’t any major fundamental reason why the company value would change over that time period.

If you invest on the assumption that the company is undervalued then the earlier you get in, the better, as you’ll be more likely to catch the gains. That’s not the same as predicting that the share price will increase over a short time period.

Depending on your investment horizon, e.g. say 3-5 years, you are definitely missing out on investment opportunities if you only buy companies that you think will return within 3 months.

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Hi all, our biggest company AMA so far is now live!

Drop your questions for Coinbase on this thread:

Indeed it has today, so couldn’t help but get a Bit more on the dip!! :partying_face:

I hope they can make it easier to see your gains or loss like it is on Freetrade

It appears coinbase have new banker lobbying staff sniped from jpmorgan and they are pretty darn bullish.

Let’s hope so!!!

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Is this dip ever going to stop lol

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Sold at 45% loss today, just can’t see it going anywhere but down. Buying was complete FOMO, a gross act of stupidity, me and Cathie Wood making the same mistake.


Isn’t she actually a bit of a religious nut?

Wikipedia says she is a devout Christian (nothing wrong in that) and she supported Trump (staying silent on that). He middle name is Duddy.

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Lots wrong with religion


3 pieces of information that immediately made me lose all respect. Thanks :smiling_face_with_tear: