Community Benchmark / Aggregation

Forgive me if this has been suggested before. It was mentioned in another idea and recommended to make it its own thread.

I want to be able to get a benchmark or snapshot of where I sit against my peers.

Anonymous data, portfolio returns versus risk/vol, plotted out so I can see where I sit.

People with a similar investment size to myself. E.g. if I am investing £10k my peers would be roughly around that amount. If I’m investing £100 I don’t want to be benchmarked against someone with £1m.

Plot out where I sit. Am I getting better returns than other people taking the same risk? Am I taking wildly more risk than everyone else for the same returns? What is the market returns for people like me with my amount of investment?

I think it would work on two ways, first it encourages people to rebalance when they take too much risk (potential revenue for FT) and it also reaffirms winning strategies.

It gives us another way to interact with our investments without giving anything away.

Not sure if users need to opt into something like this with GDPR. Not everyone would be comfortable with this and it might raise more questions than it answers.

Happy to hear your thoughts

Openfolio used to explicitly do this: “John Smith has x% in ABC, y% in DEF…”.

You’d guess that anonymising it and aggregating the data “people your age/with your portfolio size/same risk app/etc” would make it less GDPRy.

I’m not sure if this is good or not. I see both sides.

However as for being peers, you can simply rebase everything back to 1 or 100 and show the % increases from there - you take the value out of the equation completely.


I like this approach.

I only mention value for diversification. A £200 portfolio will (should) look different from a £200,000 portfolio.

That way we don’t put people who have taking a all in punt worth £200 on one company against someone with a diversified portfolio that is making slower gains but less risk.

Either way I love the idea of rebasing everyone and making it easy to digest!


I also wanted to suggest benchmarking and am glad I found this idea here. I believe this could be a very useful feature especially to clients who are new to investing.

Also, one could take it to the next level and allow these clients to “follow” the investment portfolio of other more professional investors (all anonymised of course). This would need a client segmentation with users getting either a status of a professional/knowledgeable investor or of a “follower”/new-to-investing client during the onboarding process.