Community forum slowness and display issue

Is anyone else having any issues with the community site? I tend to get a blank white page display for about 4-5 seconds before something will load. It looks as though it segments the page too which looks a bit odd. Also the Freetrade logo and text at the top to take me Home delays in loading at times?

No major issues, it does work eventually but I’ve just started noticing it recently.

No problems for me that I had noticed

This on phone or desktop? I have seen an issue with the latest Chrome Dev for Android where Freetrade and Monzo community pages do not load, they just hang on the white screen.

Chrome on PC. In all honesty I haven’t tried other browsers either to verify if the issue exists there still. I’ll have a test around and see what’s happening.

I often lose visibility of the freetrade logo in the top left of the page, using Firefox on Android and on pc… other than that all seems okay…

Something like this happened to me before. In my case I think it’s caused by a weak network signal, for when I see that 5 second white screen on the community site on my phone and I try to visit a different site on my laptop at the same time everything is frozen