[Community Poll πŸ“Š] Freetrade Feature Requests

Great idea. And welcome to the community @labash2


LISA and better FX for plus from me




Seems to be a popular choice!

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My β€œsomething else” vote would be to be able to transfer S&S ISAs OUT of Freetrade. Not that I want to right now, but it’s the thing stopping me putting more money in to Freetrade, because I want to know I will be able to move my shares in the future if I want to.

The other things would be a desktop interface and realtime pricing updates (at least for Plus members).


They have to allow transfers out, that’s part of the basic framework of the ISA system. Providers don’t have to accept transfers in, but they always have to allow you to transfer out. (And in the case of fixed-term cash ISAs, they have to allow you to end your term early, although they can withhold a portion of interest due as a penalty.) I suppose you might have to sell stocks and transfer in cash, rather than in specie, is that what you mean?

The T&Cs say to transfer the ISA out, they will sell all the assets and transfer the cash to the new ISA. However, some providers allow you to transfer the actual shares, potentially saving stamp duty or FX fees.

Yes, I mean the ability to transfer your shares out without selling them all.

Have a separate account with a balance held in $dollars (to avoid repeatedly having to pay FX charges when buying and selling US stocks)


I would enjoy being able to switch between seeing the percentage move and the price in the graphs. I would also enjoy seeing each individual stock shown on the pie graph as an option as well as an option to see the sectors in which each stock belongs which is what we have now. ofcourse Uk fractional shares are a must for me however I see that some of my fellow freetrade users have covered that one already. Please add Rolls Royce. Some stocks dont seem to show a dividend or a p/e ratio and I would enjoy seeing this issue fixed. I will most likely edit this post in the future with other features that I would enjoy seeing brought to freetrade, otherwise thankyou

Auto pilot with automated portfolio rebalancing would be nice.