[Community Poll 📊] Freetrade Feature Requests

The Freetrade Feature I Want Most Is:
  • UK Fractional Shares :uk:
  • A+ Customer Service :telephone_receiver:
  • Better Dividend Data :moneybag:
  • Desktop/Web Interface :computer:
  • Pies :yum:
  • Improved Graphs/Metrics :chart_with_upwards_trend:
  • Nationality Declaration Stocks :airplane:
  • Something Else (Comment Below) :arrow_down:

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I’m just curious really!


My vote would really be a combination of both a Desktop interface and Better graphs/metrics – that would be available on the Desktop Interface.


Lifetime ISA would be great!


Transaction reports for use at tax return time (Account Statements & Data Exporting - What formats would you want to see?).

Edited to add: Oh, and for the objective “you should always know where your money is”, as expressed during the last AMA, to be achieved!


I think you need UK fractionals to get the pie :pie: well the full pie :pie: experience :flushed::flushed:


A better FX rate :dollar:


I voted customer service, thinking as an Investor rather than a user.

I think the number of complaints about missing deposits and not getting an answer in chat is a bit concerning. needs to get back where it was before the big increase in users


I would argue that pies & franctional UK shares are cut form the same cloth as you can’t have one without the other.

But great poll @markrc, can’t wait to see the results :ballot_box:

edit: @Casperthefriendlyghost beat me to it!


Thanks @Jonny. The community is an excellent place to come and find information and ask questions, but the sheer quantity of posts can sometimes mean that you can’t see the wood for the trees. I just wanted to get a grasp on what people’s actual hopes are for Freetrade going forward.

In the same way, I thought a small change to the voting could help. :arrow_down:

No worries, I’m an older enough community memeber to remeber the days where voting was limited on this forum too. However the current share request system didn’t quite fit with that limited voting structure, so it became unlimited.

I’ve been pretty vocal that the share request system need a bit of love, so if Freetrade improve this area of the community then maybe this could open the oportunity of going back to limited votes. :crossed_fingers:

Ah, I didn’t know that. I’ve only been a Freetrade user since December '19 and on the forum since the middle of last year, so that’s good to know. Keep up the great work, this whole community is all the better for your input!

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You chose to join the community at an exciting time! Well, a belated welcome from me :wave:

Big +1 from me on this one too! You all are what makes this community so special!

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As one of those who was complaining, I think this is just part of the initial experience and the UI not setting expectations appropriately. When your first deposit vanishes and there’s no way of contacting customer support, it’s very concerning. For subsequent deposits, I don’t really care if it takes 2 hours, 2 minutes or 2 days, as I’m able to make sure I have a balance for trading that I put in the account the previous day.

(As I’m new to this, I’m trying out daily dollar cost averaging rather than sticking it all in one go, partially because I’m worried there might be a big drop coming and I want to have money left over to continue buying in the dip, but also because I’m still working out which stocks I like most. But anyway, I don’t need that much day to day, so I don’t mind the deposit latency, as long as it’s communicated.)

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And my actual feature request - a way to export data from freetrade, so I can format it nicely in a spreadsheet. CSV would be ideal, as long as all the data is available (e.g. it’d be nice if everything was split out: shares bought, cost per share, FX rate, commission, final GBP price, date/time, etc).


Primary bid


Fractional shares, so I can just dump whole amounts of my limited money into the right places rather than faffing about and having to go without or topping up a slightly odd number to get a rounded number of shares etc.


Better graphs are needed, but most importantly the main page portfolio graph needs changing to just show profit/loss because for people who make regular deposits the graph is useless to them. I know I’ve said this 1000x by this point, but I really can’t believe it hasn’t been changed yet.

Second, I would pick pies which would come in combination with UK fractionals to allow the pie to work properly.

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Why can’t we have ALL of the above? Is there a problem? If there is no ones told me :rofl::rofl: Let’s get it done NOW :rofl::rofl:SOON :rofl::rofl: @adam @Viktor


Downloadable contract notes would be great, or to be able to access them on a desktop