Concerned About Slow Addition of Stocks

What is the process of adding a stock to the Freetrade universe? I would imagine that it’s a pretty mundane thing. It’s just a few data points. Can’t you just upload an excel file? These are publicly traded securities. It’s not that you need to do an AML check on a multinational company from Russia. Would you like a hand? I have a couple of spare hours in the evenings over the next couple of weeks :wink:

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As a crowdcube investor I want to set up next year’s ISA with freetrade to support the company. But I often have to switch to T212 for SPACs and other shares, as they have a wider range available. If there wasn’t an ISA wrapper it wouldn’t be such an issue but I’m now having to limit what I invest in T212 so I don’t go over the CGT threshold. Next FY I’d rather not have that issue and if they maintain a wider share offering for the next 3 months I’ll be somewhat forced to open an ISA at T212. It is a little frustrating as I don’t like their app and their occasional downtime, but range of stocks is highly important factor.


If this continues to be an issue and this is the important factor wouldn’t another broker with stronger client protection be better like HL or others?

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I haven’t looked at HL fees but that is an important point and something I’ll consider.

I hope so

I accept you’re accommodating requests as best you can, but everytime I see the reason given as being due to the “US Partner” I wonder if there are other US Partners out there who could help you onboard even quicker.


I think you have to understand that HL does have transaction fees which puts people off. Also, freetrade is a good platform for stock market exposure for first time buyers because of its zero comission transaction hence why, a lot of people and first time investors are on it. But then again, so is trading212 who adds companies much quicker.
We only want freetrade to be better really, to hopefully keep up with adding companies that we are interested in and keep up with the competition. There’s nothing wrong with that.

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There’s nothing wrong with wanting certain stocks and preferring to keep your ISA with one provider. However, what people always seem to miss is that Freetrade is a young and growing trading platform and therefore may not be able to offer the same range as other brokers.
Also I don’t think they will ever please everyone with the additions they do make as everyone has their eye on something different, a quick look at the comments underneath announcement of new batches will bear this out.

Frustrating, yes, but we need to be realistic and not blame them for ‘losing money’ on stocks they haven’t added yet.


Ohh yes, the perpetual cries of “I wanted to buy stock X but it’s not available and now it’s gone up 3000% and I’ve lost out”