Confusion when buying stocks

I sold out of some shares yesterday expecting a drop today. This has happened and I’m looking to buy back in at a lower price. This is in my SIPP and I’m a plus customer. I’m seeing really confusing estimates across the different buy types…

£10500 is the rough amount I have in cash on the account. Here are the quotes I’m getting in the app…

  • Instant order (current share price $25.61) - 539 shares

  • triggered order (set to $25 a share) - 498 shares

I don’t get this at all. Am I being stupid here. Cheaper share price should mean more shares. So where are the 40ish shares going? That’s roughly $1000 difference.


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I might be wrong buy i vaguely remember some comment about them holding enough back to cover variations in exchange rates when it comes to scheduled orders

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That seems odd. A $1000+ is quite some variation. From my end, I’m worried it’s only going to give me that amount hence my worry enough to post before submitting.

Seems very unclear from the UI/UX perspective

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The instant order would be £13,803.79 - are you 100% sure on your maths?

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Eden is correct.