Instant Orders Question

The graph on the Freetrade app of course just a general view and is updated very slowly, But Freetrades works for the live market I.E what you can view by the minute or second? on Trading View.

If you were to do an Instant buy order let’s say you intend to buy x2 Share @ £2 each - you get quoted roughly what you would expect £4 total for x2 shares* with a big asterisk.

What happens If the price fluctuated theoretically by a lot! Let’s say to £4 for a share? Would your order just fail because it was too far from what you asked for? Or would it go through for just that x1 share for £4?

The same thing for Instant sell order, If I was going to sell my x2 Share @ £2 and I noticed on trading view the price flew up to £8 a share, however when I try to sell Freetrades still quotes me a very outdated £4 for x2 shares, will it sell them shares at there current best-asking price £8 or will freetrade sell them for what I was quoted them for?

I understand Freetrade is for long-term investing not day trading but I’m curious nonetheless.


It would go through as x1 share for £4

It will sell at £8

The best thing to do is set limit orders. So you can decide the execution buy/sell price.

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Clean and simple appreciate it thanks!

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FYI Limit orders only available in the Plus account for £9.99 month I believe.