Consolidated Tax Vouchers (CTV)

I’ve just been informed that Freetrade is again not providing CTV’s to its GIA account holders.

I first requested a CTV for my annual tax return in 2019-20 and was instead provided with a statement of trading activity which ran to a couple of thousand lines. I was assured by Freetrade that they were developing their systems to provide CTV’s and would be available in future.

I can’t believe that provision a CTV is not an FCA requirement! My other investment platforms provide them as a matter of course.

Any GIA investor should know that drawing up their own CTV from a statement of trading activity is a considerable undertaking! Whereas, Freetrade’s systems should be able to do on an automated basis.

As an GIA account holder (and Freetrade investor) I am very concerned about this failure to provide required information which surely must be a disincentive anyone considering opening a GIA on the Freetrade platform.

I’d be grateful if anyone knows of any software that would help form a CTV from a statement of trading activity (which is provided by Freetrade upon request in ms excel format).

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