Copper ETF

Can’t find a Cu ETF…
Would be useful to have one?
CPER, COPX, VAW or JJC for example?


I like it and started buying copper stocks a few years ago - mostly southern copper.

My thesis was v simple, EVs are going to be everywhere, but it’s going to be a highly competitive market. There really isn’t much moat to building an EV and so the manufacturing will be mostly low margin, like other cars. So I didn’t want to invest directly (bad move, turns out earning potential is irrelevant) but the bottlenecks will still be able to capture value: hence copper.

Here’s the bull case:

That said whenever I hear a lot about something it’s usually a bad sign. So if this is ‘peak hype’ then timing could be dodgy, who knows maybe it’s like lumber, which was all over my timeline for weeks and this is just the start.


@Cameron this in the FT yesterday…

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Not got subs. But what’s the gist of the story please?

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You can google the headline, but the gist is that this potential supercycle will be more varied that previous ones because it’s driven by a few specific trends and Green infrastructure / vehicles won’t have all the same demands as normal infra growth.

Here’s a good video on the topic

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