Critical Mineral Resources Plc - CMRS - Share chat

Nice to hear that the plans are progressing and that the proposed JV’s look like they are going to be signed.

If only this could be added into the FT app…


Here’s an interview with the Caerus CEO. :slight_smile:


Credit where credit is due… Thank you to the FT team for finally managing to add the Caerus shares into the app for buying/selling. Much appreciated and I know that I’ve already bought a few of the shares to confirm that everything works ok, which it did. :slight_smile:

Also good to see the Caerus team continuing to push ahead with their plans to get Copper & Gold mining up and running again within Cyprus.

Hi Mat
I am interested in investing in this company and you seam really keen in this company. Is there any particular reason for this?


Rather than me try to go into the details of why I like what Caerus is doing and the direction that it is heading, I would recommend reading the company presentation, the recent RNS updates, and discussing this with other shareholders within the Telegram group, Telegram: Contact @Caerus_CMRS

Always DYOR & best of luck out there. :slight_smile:

Recent RNS updates.


The Caerus Twitter account puts out some regular updates and so is worth keeping an eye on.