Crowd ownership

While looking up on the amount of equity that crowd holds across the rounds so far, I have gathered some information that people may find useful. Ownership of crowd is just under 45%, excluding the latest round. Does anyone know how this compares with other fintechs, e.g. Revolut or Monzo? I am interested because there was suggestion that this % impacts attractiveness to VCs at this stage of growth.

Date Valuation Amount raised Share Price Equity
28/07/2016 1,900,000 169,980 0.08 8.21%
25/02/2017 4,000,000 1,071,850 0.15 21.13%
16/05/2018 18,000,000 2,991,570 0.54 14.25%
25/04/2019 36,000,000 4,000,000 0.86 4.72%

I don’t think you can just add them up like that, due to dilution effects. R1 investors no longer have ~8% between them unless they topped up their investment in later rounds


Yes not sure it works like that also there will be lots of overlap between rounds, staff shares etc.

There is a full cap table in the docs on companies house which is relatively recent as an 81 pages or so of pdf. I started to ocr it out of curiosity last weekend but got bored as it required some fiddling with the page images. The info is out there.

As it is public anyway perhaps at some stage freetrade wouldn’t mind releasing it (perhaps after this next round).

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