My original investment in freetrade

hi, I invested £100 into free trade last year with crowdfunding, since then free trade has launched on apple phones, they have introduce USA stocks, and free trade is promising bigger and better things in 2019

I was wondering has my original £100 investment gone up in value, where or how can I see the value of freetrade


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I think everyone who has invested would like to know the same, but it’s difficult to estimate with a company that’s not publicly traded. I think the best indication will come when they do the 4th round of fundraising


ok, do you know when that will be

Sometime soon. Next few months


Hopefully next month as ‘first quarter’ was quoted!


I do love Crowdfunding, and I’ll be buying more Freetrade stock when I can. BUT Venture Capitalists do bring more than money to the table; the right one can bring significant experience of growth, entering new markets, executive contacts etc. While it is inspiring to see Freetrade bootstrap themselves, I wonder if there is space for a VC in the next round?


All true though VCs also reduce future optionality: you no longer have an option to find a business shape/size that’s “merely” nicely profitable. (But maybe the nature of the co or the market means that that is the case anyway.)

Having now had VC money follow up on three of my crowdfunding investments I’m getting quite wary of their involvement. In all of these cases we original investors immediately had our preemptive rights removed without any consultation, and our level of engagement with the founding team dropped off. I’ve never looked for a close relationship with the management teams of the businesses that I’ve invested in, but shareholder updates going from quarterly to annually, and having to hear about things in the press, I don’t personally view as a positive change.

I live in hope of seeing how a VC can add value and move a business to the next level, but I haven’t seen it happen yet. :frowning: