Crowdcube how much equity/shares do you?

I did research did not find anything… so i was wondering if I invested like 20 pound on gohernry which has equity of about 8% how much equity/ shares will i own or will i only get shares when the company offers them at later date ?

in the equity section of gohenry it says


The Company is offering ordinary shares to Crowdcube Investors. Each Ordinary Share is entitled to one vote in any circumstance; certain pre-emption rights, certain economic rights. Crowdcube Investors will hold such Ordinary Shares through a Nominee, which will be the registered holder of the legal title to the shares, with the beneficial interest being owned by the individual Crowdcube Investors.

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You will get shares in a nominee account held by crowdcube

I think if you divide the amount of equity by the amount they are raising they are offering you should get a rough idea of equity/£ (which will most likely be a very small number) the actual number of shares will depend on the share price they set

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Based on a formula: £20 [you invested] / £5064645 [total investment] * 8.03% [equity offered], you will own 0.000032% of the entire company.

This ultimately makes no difference, you still have the same benefit of growth as any other shareholder, including venture capital companies (i.e., if the company grows by 50%, your holdings will grow by 50% regardless of what you invested [for you it will be £20 to £30, for them it will be £2m to £3m]). The only difference is that big VCs have more control over the company than individual investors. But they all share the same target - growth. So relax and hope it will continue :slight_smile:

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In terms of shares, they are priced @ £3 per share for this round as per the Pitch Deck. Therefore, you will be issued with 4 shares for £12.

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