Crowdcube rewards

Well it’s just that getting a reward didn’t really factor into the decision to invest or how much, though I am sure that the rewards are excellent. So if me not taking my Freetrade-branded comfy slippers reward meant that Victor had £5 of additional marketing spend, Victor should spend that money!

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We have the best community! :heart:

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More than happy for the launch party to be Pizza and beers at the office too if that keeps costs down and accelerates things! :pizza: :pizza: :pizza: :beers: :beer:


That! :point_up::point_up::point_up:

Also, reduced postage expenses as the R1 £10 and R3 £100 could get their swag packs from the office.


Skype party, bring your own booze. Cheaper still.


Here here. I second that.

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I run a procurement consultancy so we have relationships with marketing firms (who we can leverage the other clients we support who spend tens of millions on merchandise) so that you get economies of scale to save costs on this stuff.

Similarly for any other 3rd party stuff you’re buying. Drop me a note if of interest. You may have already sorted this out.

Hey guys, I used a different email address for the forum and crowdcube. Any ideas how I can still get the R3 investor badge?

@adil_i you can ask on this thread:

Edit - There was also a survey via email a few weeks ago about matching up your Crowdcube details with your spot in the Freetrade queue. I’m not sure if I can share that link, @Freetrade_Team and @Viktor will be able to help if you’ve not had it yet. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just DM me your Crowdcube email, and I’ll set you up with the flair! :+1:

Indeed, just DM myself or Toby to make sure we apply any rewards to your correct email!

Just filled in the form to select SWAG :smiley:
Though to be honest, happy to forfeit the socks, bag, stickers and cap if you can find them a better home :wink:

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I’ll take them :joy:


Here’s a sneak peak of the socks, are you sure you want to give these up??


Swap them for something… #FreeTrade


Actually, I’m reconsidering now… the Purple has swayed me :blush:


I’m down with that.

Damnit Alex!!


Do we have to turn up to the launch event all swagged out?