Crowdfund R7 Rewards

Got my hoodie this afternoon. Perfect clothing for this weather :slight_smile:

To be honest, I’d completely forgotten that I should be expecting it.


Just got a lovely pair of socks, thanks!


Finally recieved my hoodie only took 2 years :rofl:
Must admit am impressed with the quality. Need winter to hurry up now so i can wear it :weary:


Received a parcelforce email that went straight to spam so I thought it was a phishing scam as I hadn’t ordered anything.
Then today the Hoodie arrived which I completely forgot about😄
As others have said the quality is excellent, so it was worth the wait!


Hi @Barrakuda

The in-app investor badges have been deployed today. You might have to log out and log in again to your Freetrade app for the badge to appear.

We’re working on finalising forum badges! Should be ready within the next few weeks.



Hej! @DanielE

If you haven’t finalised the colour … Community Badges 🦡

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Hi there,

Thanks for the update.

I have the in app badge just not the forum one unfortunately. I guess this will be coming soon from your mesage?

Sorry to be a pain on this.

Are we talking about the R7 investor badge?

@Barrakuda They’re coming in a few weeks.

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Mine arrived too. Looks good and is the right clothing for rainy Scotland today!

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Mine arrived last night. Top notch quality but it does feel slightly bigger than I am used to. I requested M size and it has been sized up to L.

But looking at it now, kinda make sense as M size would have been slightly on smaller size for me.

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The Hoodie is Gorgeous.

Parcelforce left it outside, didn’t ring the bell and I thought @DanielE and @Rajan07 had forgotten me.

Fits perfectly.

Organic Cotton. Recycled Polyester.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Got mine this morning


Don’t complain! I’d swap your rain for my 27 degrees and no breeze!

Came home to find mine, not opening it until Sunday when the rain is due! (Incase you can’t tell I don’t really like the summer!)

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Good morning from me too…
Finally yesterday I received my hoodie as well like everyone… thanks for this it’s little bit bigger but is ok.
How I mentioned before I expected Pink hoodie but is ok. I recommend you to be pink next time and at least to write somewhere or something so that people on the streets know and know … I will be happy while walking down the street with my hoodie to see me, something as advertising…


Still waiting for my Round 3 rewards

… just saying @freetrade

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Received a surprise package yesterday containing 1 pair of socks, 1 tea shirt, 2 hoodie’s and 2 button down jacket.

My wife took photos and sent them to me on WhatsApp, shame I have no Idea how to post that here.

Thank you Freetrade


There is a little rectangle with an arrow up in the bottom right of screen when you click reply. That’ll take you to your camera roll / photos.

We demand a fashion show!

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I tried but didn’t work

Photos I took from my mobile are jpegs