Crowdfunding road trip - Leeds 🚐

Our next crowdfunding round will be at the end of June :calendar: The team’s going to be visiting a few cities in the UK to meet our community beforehand :handshake:

After collecting your votes, we’ve chosen to come to Leeds some time during the week beginning the 17th June.

If anyone has any recommendations for locations where we could meet up, please let me know! A dedicated event space - perhaps in a coworking office - would be ideal.

We’ll share more details about our plans and an Eventbrite event so that you can reserve tickets, once we’ve arranged our visits to Birmingham and Manchester too.


You could try the Royal Armouries Museum:

Or the Carriageworks Theatre:

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Why has the event been cancelled only event I could attend live in Liverpool😥

Sorry Joseph! We’d love to come to Leeds but it’s best to have the events in the bigger cities for now.